RCH Waiter's

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Easily manage your orders

RCH Waiter’s is an order processing service designed to help you take orders more easily, making tables and kitchen service more efficient.


Main features

Features for food and beverage


Keep your activities under control

With RCH Waiter’s, you can manage orders and point of sale while keeping all activities under control, even from different devices, such as: tablets, handheld terminals and printers.


RCH Waiter's: simplify activities in your restaurant

Organise orders, manage rooms and monitor tables, while working in a precise and efficient manner.


Quick and precise order processing

With RCH Waiter’s, you can collect and process orders quickly, optimising order preparation times and reducing customer waiting time.

All with a single App

  • Easy to integrate with your RCH point of sale
  • Supervision of room and kitchen activities
  • Easy order processing
  • Quick selection of variants with relative price changes
  • Graphic display of tables, categories and associated items
  • Change price and quantity in order in an intuitive way
  • Send the order directly to the selected printer
  • Close and print bill directly from Waiter's


Suitable for these sectors

RCH Waiter’s is a module that can be integrated with your RCH point of sale, which allows you to collect and process orders quickly and efficiently. RCH Waiter’s is perfect for:

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