RCH Big Store: Cloud services for dealers

RCH Big Store is the Cloud service designed for dealers. Manage installed cash registers and offer shopkeepers the best support, even remotely. The service includes a dashboard with useful features for the dealers network.


RCH Smart Control is the digital subscription service that allows you to manage installed cash registers remotely, thanks to innovative on-demand services. Organise corrective and evolutionary maintenance operations and cash register programming from the comfort of your workshop.

Manage your customers remotely: optimise time and costs by minimising on-site interventions and offering fast, timely and advanced technical support

Thanks to the features of RCH Smart Control, you can manage your fleet of machines available for leasing entirely via Cloud. From the dedicated area it is possible to:

  • open the operating lease period, putting the machine in the operational status and programming it
  • close the operating lease period, putting the machine in the non-operational status

All of this can be done on-demand from an easy-to-use area, keeping leasing renewals and expiry dates under control.

Receive notifications whenever new firmware updates are available for Onda, Walle Mec and Print!F products.

By subscribing to RCH Smart Control, you can update them on-demand without having to download verification files.

Halve the time required for interventions on your installed machines and offer your customers a fast and timely update service.

View all the serial numbers and the devices of your installed machines, including data concerning the last time diagnostics were sent for each device.

View the firmware/software versions of your installed machines.

The master data provides information on the serial number, part number, device type, customer and updates to be purchased and offers the possibility of adding notes.

View and export the master data of your installed machines in Excel format to monitor the serial number and diagnostic data, which is useful to manage the devices:

  • the operating system and firmware version
  • the number of daily closings
  • the percentage of electronic journal available

You can keep track of the status of your installed machines remotely, planning on-site interventions in the best way possible.

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