RCH represents the history of the point of sale solutions in Italy.

It is the natural meeting point between right management of the point of sale and technological innovation: it manages to adapt new technologies to the Cash Registers sector and upgrade ECRs in accordance with them, always taking into account the disposition of the end-users towards those technologies.

RCH has also used technological innovation as a mean to search for beauty.
It represents a constant, reliable and trusted partner for the workers in the sector.

Our competitive advantage::


Over the years, RCH has been able to maintain its uncontested position on the marketplace through technological solutions consistent with the expectations of the clients.
Its continuous brilliant technological innovation has always been state of the art..
Its history was made by the power of experience!


RCH has always been a step forward, searching for the innovation that makes life easier.
It takes steady research and development to bring innovation in a sector already highly specialised as the one of the point of sale systems.


In RCH projects and designs are Made in Italy.

RCH products are conceived to be the centre of the point of sale, being at the same time extremely user-friendly and aesthetically remarkable.
A RCH product is distinguished for its elegance, and complies with the idea of “Less design is more design” (Rams). its essence is simplicity and innovation.


RCH has an efficient international distribution channel with dealers in the Italian territory and many others around the world

RCH has also a structure for the direct sale, which is organised through agreements with Software Houses and Franchising partners.

RCH offers the client an excellent service, based on a high quality relationship that has the aim of satisfying the client’s needs. It develops point of sale systems for every kind of business with the guarantee of giving the client the right support.