Point of sales solutions for household items and DIY stores

Household items and DIY stores

Turn your point of sale into your most valuable ally

Make your shop's point of sale more efficient

  • Advanced and intuitive points of sale
  • Compact and functional tools
  • Specific functions for your business

Compatible integrations

Modular solutions for your household items store

An ECOSYSTEM of features for your point of sale
Easy MANAGEMENT of discounts and product price list
VIEW REPORTS and sales analytics

Advanced solutions for your household items store

RCH modular features designed for retail


The point of sale that helps you with your sales: organise information in simple and intuitive screens, manage multiple types of articles even with variants.


Monitor the progress of your business, configure the product price lists and the specific features of your cash register even remotely. View and print the reports with proceeds data and sales analytics to analyse your sales trends in real time.


Add, and print directly on the receipt, a note with details not featured in the list of products on sale, thus completing the product description. By adding notes, it will be easier to search for a specific product among the documents issued.


Integration with electronic scales for the sale by weight of some types of products. The price by weight can be easily set and updated in case of changes.

Smart points of sale for household items stores

RCH Android solutions


A|Box is the perfect point of sale for household items and DIY stores, designed to simplify checkout operations: configurable shortcut keys and colour touch screen keyboard, thermal printer with high graphic quality. Easy to integrate with the RCH modules designed to run your business.


The intuitive and customisable smart cash register, with features designed for your business. A|Box 3 allows quick access to the functions thanks to the 10” high brightness touch screen monitor. The A|Box 3 point of sale also supports the integration of specific modules for the organisation of activities, reports and product details.


The compact, space-saving all-in-one smart cash register, with colour touch screen keyboard and user friendly graphic interface, ideal for retail and shops: it simplifies checkout operations and helps you run your shop more efficiently. Enabled for payments with SMART systems.
AT15 M

AT15 M

The POS with a sophisticated design and elegant lines with a touch screen keyboard, ideal for the point of sale of your household items store. It offers essential features for more efficient checkout operations: customise shortcut keys, manage sales easily and much more.


AT15 IRON is the ideal solution for your business. The clean and bold lines, the solid base and the powder-coated metal structure ensure high quality and long service life. This product can be adapted to all circumstances (shops, electronic stores, DIY stores...) through a wide range of accessories.


A range of accessories for cash registers and systems, which simplify the operativeness and the management of the point of sale of bookshops and stationery shops: displays, drawers, barcode readers, printers and handheld terminals.

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