RCH is a dynamic reality.

RCH is a dynamic reality.
Over the years, it spanned different technological epoch, and now is more and more SMART.

Times changes, but evolution is in RCH DNA: its dynamism is shown also in the way in which it directly communicates with the people that buy a RCH product, which has become more internet-based and interactive. RCH is always close to the clients’ experience:

it’s the heart of a point of sale!

Three landmark debuts at EuroShop 2020:
Visit us at booth no. G49 in Hall 6 to see WALLE 8T, Cortina 59 and I-RON, latest additions to our smart ECR and POS systems live.


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Innovation means more than just coming up with groundbreaking ideas. It means changing old mindsets.


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Already embracing the eight retail dimensions that the coming EuroShop will let us experience next month in Düsseldorf. We will contribute to the new trends that are moving the future of this amazing industry.


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Happy New Year 2020!

After a very special year 2019, we at RCH are looking forward to continue moving EPOS technology forward this year.

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Celebrare con stile ci permette di guardare indietro ai risultati degli ultimi 50 anni, ma anche di guardare avanti ai prossimi 50 con fiducia.
Grateful for your appreciation and for supporting our commitment to innovation.
We wish you a good start in 2020 with enthusiasm and optimism.

4 SETTIMANE di programmazione esclusiva sui palinsesti pubblicitari METEO, SPORT e TGCOM
Foto dal post di RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices #RCH SUI CANALI #MEDIASET
Con una programmazione ESCLUSIVA DI 4 SETTIMANE SUI CANALI NAZIONALI MEDIASET, una campagna articolata sui palinsesti pubblicitari METEO, SPORT e TGCOM, Rch Italia Spa propone l’intera gamma di Registratori Smart e Sistemi innovativi per l’invio Telematico ...
When design brings outstanding elegance to innovative POS systems. Sharing our new range of cash registers Atos 15:


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Opening lines of communication to get closer to the people who drive our business from its base are key to avoiding the ‘ivory tower’ syndrome.


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ATOS 15, cash registers and POS range solutions combining elegance with innovative functionalities
Enjoy our video:

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Sempre un passo avanti! Ancora una volta con un primato importante...

#PRIMI a tagliare il traguardo nei test di omologa #LotteriaDelloScontrino per tutta la gamma prodotti #RCH.

Essere alla GUIDA DEL CAMBIAMENTO è il ...
What to choose? Attractive elegance or technology innovation? What if we said you can have both?

Discover our new Atos 15 range: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mZbJFSVck8

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LOTTERIA DELLO SCONTRINO | Rch Italia Spa alla guida del cambiamento!
L’intera a gamma dei prodotti RCH si sta preparando! Operativa nei termini previsti dalla normativa ... 2020 AL VIA! Coming Soon
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Adding a new “dimension” to our printer: a simple device hosting either a 58mm or a 80mm paper roll.


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Due to its ease of use, configurability and accessible data outputs WALLE 8T gives even small retailers the opportunity to understand their business and make strategic decisions based on the data they generate.
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RCH is proud to announce WALLE 8T, the all-in-one solution for retail businesses seeking to streamline their POS and fiscal operations.


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Siamo ormai a metà percorso. Grande interesse e partecipazione da tutta Italia… manchi solo tu!

Cresciamo Insieme!
Un percorso formativo completo che ti permetterà di acquisire tutte le competenze tecniche necessarie per affermarti ...
Why and how RCH has made it into the Smart Cash Registers Market Trend Analysis Report.
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RCH's philosophy: do things simply, but do them right, and with the best materials possible.
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At RCH, we put all the complexity behind the screen, so that everything client-facing is streamlined, elegant and highly usable.
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The simplest solution to a problem is the right one How magnets have enhanced the... A magnetic touch for our innovative POS solutions.
Enjoy our video:
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Our application of magnets is just as straightforward – it allows for a ‘click and connect’ process of mounting system elements, hiding wires, and ...
Restaurants need nowadays to conform to customers’ expectations like speed and efficiency. RCH's solutions are designed to take the stress out of restaurant management, whilst increasing efficiency and profitability.
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50 anni di RCH This is a great time for RCH! Each of us has contributed to this amazing achievement. Today, 180 employees are part of RCH 50 year celebration.
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Stiamo vivendo un momento molto bello e importante! ognuno ...
Over 50 years, RCH’s commitment to driving innovation in pursuit of competitive, professional, innovative and attractive EPOS solutions hasn’t changed at all.
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RCH Group Spa is wishing you a happy holiday!

Please note that the offices of RCH Italia will be closed from 12th to 23rd August for summer holidays.

From 19th to 23rd August you will be able to contact our ...
Personal interaction is vital for any solution developed by RCH. This close relationship with our clients allows us to predict the needs of the users.

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Foto dal post di RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices Sharing food in beautiful surroundings is a way of showing respect, admiration and thanks to the people who matter to us, our team. Their work, diligence and creativity have enabled us to innovate and respond to our clients with such ...

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