The incredible trip of the RCH community

There was a palpable sense of excitement as we get on the plane. All we could think about was what colour of blue the sea was going to be. Simply unaware of anything which could happen…

Of course we expected Madagascar to be beautiful. The thing is, as Italians we are already incredibly fortunate to be blessed with beauty all around us. But the true nature of that beauty still caught our breath.

So it was a surprise – but a pleasant one – to be struck by the ‘other side of the World’ beauty of Madagascar. The turquoise of the sea was so light and bright that it looked painted, and the lush green of the forest that crept onto the beach – full of banana and coconut trees – added to the complete stereotype of a deserted island.

A resort our RCH Italia team had chosen with care in view of a relaxing and unforgettable experience;a hotel of class and style providing excellent services including a wonderful list of cocktails to consume around a pristine pool in the shade of palm trees.

As soon as we had settled in to our room we thought there would be no need to leave this amazing paradise again for a week; everything was catered to meet all of our needs.

A list of incredible activities including amazing excursions exploring villages and the surrounding nature. The schedule provided a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

Nothing could prepare for our boat trip to Nosy Iranja, a set of 10 stunning islands known for the abundant turtle populations that live there. Nothing beats seeing these creatures living in their natural environment. Seeing such raw and pure nature lifted the spirit as much as any cocktail or fancy meal.

The trip was incredible, but something that was perhaps even more incredible was the ability to share it with like-minded people. RCH had gifted the trip as part of a reward and thank-you to distributors. But whilst we were all there for a common reason, in reality, we had not met some of these people.

Absolutely not. Certainly, there was talk about business – but it was not forced, it arose because it is our drive, our passion, and a genuine source of interest. Our Presidentshared his plans for the future of RCH, reflecting back on the past 50 years and the incredible things that have been achieved, and he expounded more on the philosophy of the business – the idea of using innovation to create solutions for real-world problems and client needs, rather than simply adding innovation for innovation’s sake and thus needlessly increasingly complexity.

For eight days we shared stories, histories, dreams and a very real piece of ourselves. More than this, we formed experiences and connections as our trip developed.

The RCH trip was about something far more fundamental than business – or even ‘reward’. It was about community, and loyalty, and belonging. That feeling was the most important and memorable thing from our trip to Madagascar.