The Benefits of a Self-service Touchscreen Ticketing Machine at Events

How An Interactive and Multi-Service Ticketing Machine Can Improve Crowd Management, Increase Sales and Heighten Customer Satisfaction

By Michele Stecca, General Manager at Data4, RCH Group

Guiding and overseeing every aspect of the visitor experience is an extremely demanding endeavour for event organisers and public venue managers. Cash Desk K2 can become an additional Point of Sale while drastically reducing queues and the need for people management.

Exhibitions, train stations, airports, museums, , and cinemas to name a few, are characterised by never-ending queues and impatient visitors. To ensure that each visitor receives the highest standard of service in a timely manner, the right tools and technology must be in place. If not, everything can swiftly spiral out of control, resulting in frustrated and angry crowds.

As General Manager of Data4, I spend much of my time travelling around the world – from bustling airports to busy and fast-paced trade fairs. One thing that is common to both the exhibition and the airport – in fact, any public venue for that matter – is the queue: be it queueing to board a flight, for an entry pass to a concert, movie or exhibition, at the cloakroom, for food and drinks, and of course to use the restroom…

At a recent exhibition in Milan, we supplied a few Food & Beverage corners with three Cash Desk K2 for the duration of the event. The aim was to improve and streamline the overall workflow in order to shorten the queuing time when ordering and paying for consumptions.. Our devices have been designed to optimize and support the cash desk with an efficient cash administration allowing the staff to primarily focus on serving customers. This workflow efficiency is enabled by our hardware architecture that keeps an autonomous separation of cash and electronic payments. This specific feature was beneficial to both staff and customers considering that it enabled time optimisation in handling orders, cash resources and security. Staff felt alleviated by not being confronted with the stress of last-minute logistical problems and having more attention for clients. Both exhibitors and visitors appreciated the efficiency provided by our devices and have left the exhibition with a positive and memorable experience of the event.

We reckoned that the installation of our Cash Desk K2 at key locations of the EXPO in Milan, would help tremendously with reducing queueing time at registration, cloakrooms and at the onsite food and beverage outlets, especially during peak hours. In fact, we combined the registration process with the services of one of the on-site restaurants that offered a variety of sandwiches, salamis and other cold meat platters. Thanks to the interactive and multi-lingual menu on the Cash Desk K2, in a few clicks, visitors could order food and beverage items and pay for them either in cash or electronically with their credit card. Once payment accepted, a ticket was issued for collecting sandwiches, snacks and drinks at the service station. The efficient service enabled by our automatic cash systems K2 has proved to be very successful especially if we consider that approximately 1 million tickets were issued in three days!

The feedback we received from the event organisers was fantastic and if I am honest this project went far beyond my expectations. It proved that our continuous and innovative work in Research & Development, as well as listening to market demands and feedback, can bring about some great technological advancements for the benefit of all.

I truly believe that the level of service our innovative selling tools can deliver could be interesting for any exhibition and will revolutionise the event experience for all involved – be it the organiser, the service provider, the exhibitor or the visitor. Here are some ways how Data 4’s Cash Desk K2 can improve operations:

1. Avoid long queues at registration and at onsite food and beverage outlets

2. Reduce the amount of cash being handled due to the electronic payment system

3. Save staffing costs as fewer people will be required at the registration desks and cash desks since the machines are all fully self-service

4. Improve hygiene as the person preparing the food will no longer have to handle any physical money.

Other areas where this solution can be of huge benefit include:

AIRPORTS: Data 4’s Cash Desk K2 systems are currently installed in several airports in Italy with the aim of controlling crowds and reducing queueing times at the check-in desks. For five euros, travellers have the possibility of purchasing a priority check-in ticket (fast track) which saves them time and helps reduce queues at peak periods. This solution has proved extremely effective for the airports involved.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE BUSINESS: self-service and fast food outlets can combine RCH’s RCH AT15 device with the Cash Desk K2. This provides the restaurant owner with the additional benefit of tracking and visualising various data. So, for example, at the end of the business day, the restaurant manager can see all details of what has been invoiced and from which machine.

ACCESS CONTROL: Cash Desk K2 is a great solution for service providers who want to control access to their venues or events, for example at a public swimming pool, at a concert, or even for renewing subscriptions/memberships at spas, sports clubs, parking places, toilets, and so on. Thanks to the open-architecture of our software, this is actually a very interesting solution for systems integrators who develop their own applications.

MUSEUMS, CINEMAS & OTHER EVENTS: here clients can buy the ticket, consumption and gadgets online and print off the corresponding tickets, resulting in no queue, no local ticket counter, no cash-handling. This system worked tremendously well during a local event in La Valle dei Templi in Italy where our ticketing machines eliminated the queue and the need for a physical ticketing counter.

Having a self-service touchscreen ticketing machine at your event or venue – whether it’s an airport, a trade fair, a cinema complex, a concert, a festival or a sporting event – provides a wide range of benefits that not only helps organisers to function more efficiently and reduce costs, it also ensures that visitors have an enjoyable and free experience. Cash Desk K2 has proven that a simple, yet highly intelligent, ticketing machine can eliminate many pain-points for both event organisers and attendees alike, in addition to generating extra revenues for on-site service providers. In my mind, this is a win-win situation for all!

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