Intergastra 2018 and Eurocis 2018

Intergastra 2018 and Eurocis 2018:


We at RCH Group are passionate about, and very proud, of what we do. Since 1969, when our company was founded, we have placed innovation and creativity at the heart of everything we do. We truly believe that our smart hardware and software POS solutions deliver the best in technological innovation and design excellence to our customers.

But, however confident we are in what we do, nothing beats concrete feedback from the market and the people who matter – our customers and prospects. That’s why attending international trade fairs is so important to our company as it’s the one place where we can demonstrate our latest solutions to the people who will essentially use them daily. After customer and market research, the feedback we gather from talking with people at during these fairs allows us to fine-tune and sometimes tweak features that will help the end-user even more

The first quarter of 2018 has been an extremely busy one for RCH Group, especially since we established RCH Europe’s European Headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria to better cater for our growing European client base.

Here are the highlights of the last two trade fairs we attended in Europe:

INTERGASTRA 2018 - Messe Stuttgart:

The 29th Intergastra was attended by almost 100,000 visitors from over 70 countries looking to obtain information on the latest products and trends in the hotel and gastronomy sector from 1,420 exhibitors.

RCH Europe was among those exhibitors where we highlighted our multiplatform cloud-based technology for an ever-increasing mobile world. For us, Intergastra is an important bi-annual event for the German-speaking market. This year most visitors to our booth came from the hospitality and retail sectors.

Those who visited our booth showed great interest in the wall-mounted RCH AT15 range, in particular the Elegant solution in terms of its intelligent and elegant Italian design as well as its intuitive and simple user interface. People also appreciated our All-in-One solutions such as the A-BOX and A-BOX 3 as they answer the need to have a big 15” display in some situations, in addition to the increased requirement of saving space in a sometimes overly cluttered sales desk. The A-BOX family of products has been perfectly designed and developed to save space while at the same time being able to connect with more devices: as it is an Android solution and comes with our RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM software pre-installed it allows tools and devices to be virtually connected, thus eliminating most of the cables. We were happy to learn that the software we have developed for our Android solutions was perceived as being extremely user-friendly.

We spoke with a lot of people over the course of the five days where we noticed that most of the questions we received, concerned software applications and their capabilities. The main questions from those working in the food and beverage sectors pertained to table and reservation management and how our software solutions and workflow management application managed such tasks. All visitors appreciated the unique possibility that our software offers to connect an unlimited number of hand-held devices and printers via the cloud.

Another area of discussion focused on our back-office tool, in particular the fact that sales statistics can be made available in the cloud, something that is paramount for merchants who have multiple POS systems

EuroCIS 2018 - Fiera di Düsseldorf:

EuroCIS is considered the leading trade fair for retail technology and this year proved no different. The event covered technologies such as mobile solutions, self-scanning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, all of which determine the customer journey today.

RCH Group’s focus at EuroCIS 2018 was on showcasing our innovative selling solutions for the digitised retail: Intelligent technology that can merge the old with the new, offline with online, and provide tools to monitor and manage all aspects of the sales cycle.

RCH Group works with hundreds of partners across the world who resell and install our solutions in their own respective regions. Unsurprisingly most of the visitors to our booth were dealers and resellers, current partners checking out our latest solutions, potential partners looking to see how we could collaborate with each other. All of them appreciated the continuous evolution of our product ranges, particularly our smart software and the fact that all our solutions are based on open-standards so that they can be easily integrated with third party applications.

There were many reasons why attending both trade fairs were valuable to RCH Group. The biggest highlight for us was that our continued investment in Research and Development has paid off – the market and the people have confirmed that our hardware and software solutions are meeting our customers’ needs and solving the many problems they face in a digitised and mobile-centric world.

Keep on checking our smart moves in innovative selling solutions!