Our Interlocutors

RCH Cash Registers and point of sale solutions represent the most advanced tool to optimise the management of the point of sale, build a fidelity bond with clients, integrate and speed the exchange of information. They provide specific solutions for different market sectors: Retail, Wholesale, Restaurant Industry, Clothing and Beauty Shops, Pharmacies, Opticians and every other commercial business.

RCH wide range of products allows the client to freely choose the right product for his needs, from a complete system composed by PC, Printer (even fiscal) and a management Software, to the most basic Cash Register.

Become a RCH dealer! If you are an IT dealer or a Software House and you are interested in becoming our dealer, please fill in the following form and you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

RCH in the world RCH operates internationally through a network of Dealers and Technical Assistance Centres that not only guarantee sales, but also “on-site” technical support for all of its products.