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RCH at GITEX 2016 – the Italian presence is increasing, with products designed to semplify not only the cash in procedures at the point of sale.

GITEX has already become an essential and unmissable appointment for RCH. This year, the group has launched new solutions, union of innovation, functionality and elegance of the point of sale. The very latest generation product enhanced by the Italian style.

GITEX is one of the most influential technological events in the Middle East. The focus of the 36th edition was innovation, and RCH hit the target!

Each and every product shown has distinguished itself for high technical performance and for being the perfect mix of quality, functionality and innovative design, characterised by a refined and ergonomic elegance: the products are all conceived focusing on the needs of our partners and the continuous evolution of the market.

This simple intuition, that is behind the creative process of each product, finds the perfect counterpart and complement in a Software with great potentiality, which completes the solution: Point of Sale + Printer + Software.

The products that are making RCH shine at a global level are:

In this edition, it emerged the courage with which RCH creates and invests, pursuing a machines family feeling that identifies the brand through solutions with a well-finished and elegant design. RCH products are created through the analysis of the function they will have, the deduction of what is in excess, attention to details and to the usability of the products, putting at the centre the needs of who will use them in their everyday life as an instrument for their job.