RCH is a dynamic reality: over the years, it spanned different technological epoch, and now is more and more SMART.
Times changes, but evolution is in RCH DNA: its dynamism is shown also in the way in which it directly communicates with the people that buy a RCH product, which has become more internet-based and interactive.

RCH is always close to the clients’ experience: it’s the heart of a point of sale!

Atos 15GD | Graphic Display 7

Atos 15GD | Graphic Display 7"

The star feature of the is its 1024 x 600 resolution 7”
Atos 15M, solid metal base

Atos 15M, solid metal base

A Solid Base for your work
A|Box 3: Extra Revolution 80!

A|Box 3: Extra Revolution 80!

A|BOX 3 is an Android Solution


Many important news will be presented by the company leader in the Electronic Cash Register market field