What is a product?

When you buy a product, what are you really buying? Take for instance, a mobile phone. Are you buying a small plastic and glass rectangle with a number of circuits inside? Or are you buying connectivity, convenience, a social outlet, a business tool, an entertainment device, maybe even a status symbol?

The same applies in the world of cash desks. A cash desk is – or at least should be – more than a mere unit with a calculator and a draw for cash. Maybe once upon time that was the best you could hope for, but it’s 2020 now: those who want to survive in any market need to be thinking in a joined-up way, understanding that no function within a business is performed in isolation; they all form a part of a holistic and interconnected whole.

And this is key to the philosophy of RCH. Innovation has always been embedded within our products, but increasingly, now, it’s embedded behind our products in the form of entire ‘systems’ that contribute to the overall strategic benefit of the business.

The systems supporting the product

This is why the focus of our recent developments has been in creating Android based applications to run on our cash desks, in the form our suite of software solutions. Providing cloud-based access to all of the financial and operational metrics of a business (including those that run across multiple remote sites), our software integrates technology with design by creating innovative solutions that anticipate the user need (both functional and aesthetic) and support their business strategiesWe know our markets inside out; be it food and beverage or retail. We have taken the time to watch and listen to our customers; to identify how they work, what they need, and how various components of their business link up.

And then, armed with this knowledge, we have designed this into our software so that it is efficient, useable, flexible and meaningful. More than the mere basics of financial management, our software aims to give insight into almost every aspect of the business: from menu design and purchase, to stock control, customer relationship management (CRM), upselling, marketing and improvement of customer experience, financial performance analysis and full tax reporting compliance.

This, in turn grants you a comprehensive overview of your business that allows you to tweak performance at every level. From making life easier for the waiter on the floor through intuitive interfaces and error-avoiding processes, to the insight we give managers on how their business is performing, the RCH system that supports all of our cash desks makes them far more than mere blocks of metal and glass.

This is because innovation isn’t just in our products, it’s in the thinking behind our products. It stems from our industry knowledge, our analytical ability, our creativity, and the innovative mindset that forms our base. It comes from listening to and truly understanding the nature and needs of our customers. It comes from engaging in systems thinking, not component complacency.

Constantly pushing forward

And we’re about to take this further. The nature of food and beverage service has changed significantly this year; changes that might be temporary, but which might be around for the foreseeable future. And we recognize that our products need to keep up – and indeed, push ahead. Our software and app solutions are evolving to accommodate a changing F&B environment.

The fundamentals still matter

Don’t get us wrong, we haven’t gone silly for software. The physical nature of our products is still a key element of our process. We’ve always prided ourselves on creating cash desks that don’t merely excel in functionality and strategic benefit, but which embody beautiful concepts of aesthetic design.

But really – when you think about it, this is just as strategic as the functionality within. The forward-facing elements of your business that you present to the customer; whether it be employee uniform, art work on the walls or the way you light products – these all contribute to ambience and impression, key elements of your brand and marketing strategy. There is no excuse for even the ‘functional’ elements of your business (be that a chair, a fridge or a cash desk) to not contribute to this too. Even with our physical designs, RCH is able to support your brand and strategic position.

Because at the heart of it, we aren’t thinking about how you handle your cash. We’re thinking about how you handle your business.