The Italians are renowned for their love of good food, good company and beautiful surroundings. So you can imagine that when we invite our staff out for a birthday dinner, it isn’t exactly a modest affair.

In fact, it was more than a dinner; it was a full blown gala. All of our valued workers, dressed in their finest, surrounded by family and friends as we sipped prosecco and gazed out across the vineyard. Our venue – Casa Gobbato – is well known to those in the area of Montello as a place of exquisite food, exemplary service and abundant atmosphere.We enjoyed courses marked by their elegance and simplicity – taking the best of Italian ingredients and letting them speak for themselves. This is the kind of ‘winning synergy’ that RCH really values.

But why all this fuss just to celebrate the ‘birthday’ of our business?

To start with, sharing food in beautiful surroundings is not merely an indulgence (though it certainly did feel indulgent). It’s a far more fundamental activity. The act of sharing – of ‘breaking bread’ – feeds not just our stomachs, but our innate social nature. It’s a way of showing respect, admiration and thanks to the people who matter to us. To take pleasure in life’s simplest enjoyments together is a privilege we value. We are where we are – celebrating our 50th birthday – only because of the work, diligence and creativity of our staff. We needed to show them just how grateful we are for this.

Secondly though, why not celebrate? A 50th birthday for a company really is something special. It means that over the course of fifty years, we have innovated and responded to our clients with such success that we have endured in a market which engages in radical shifts at a remarkable pace, and in which many competitors have been left behind.Again the idea of privilege comes up; our birthday allows us to recognise how our remarkable fortune (and more than a little hard work) has given us unparalleled opportunity. Celebrating in style allows us to look back on the achievements of the past 50 years, whilst also looking forward to the next 50 with confidence.