2019 is the year of our 50th birthday, and we are incredibly excited about the great things that this year will bring.But as with all birthdays, it also poses a good time to reflect on our roots, our history and our heritage. We wanted to share some of those thoughts with you…

Those fortunate enough to have visited Treviso – the hometown of RCH printing solutions – know how lucky we are to work in a city of such incredible beauty. For those that haven’t (yet) visited, think of a tiny walled city with narrow, winding, cobbled streets – lazy millstreams and waterwells gently trickling into a criss-crossed network of canals, and grand palazzos nestled in hidden piazzas. All the classic sights, smells and ambiance of a historical Italian town. Knowing it’s the birth place of Prosecco might help to set the scene for you too…

One of the things that is perhaps the most interesting about Treviso is its evolution as a city. All of Italy has a chequered, complex and intricate history that arises from a confluence of factors; indeed Italy as we know it was only unified completely in 1871 – it is still a relative baby of a country! In Treviso you can see the history painted on the walls and built into the bricks around; the politics, the impact of the Veneto region’s water-based geography, the influence of the various cultures who have occupied the city at one time of another – the Romans, the Austrian and the French.

Then there are also the modern touches that have complimented the beauty of Treviso’s traditional elegance; in particular the work of Veneto’s Carlo Scarpa – an architect who took knowledge of his region’s architectural heritage, and engaged in bold and brave innovation to compliment that beauty and drive the city forward.

RCH’s vision and constant commitment to innovation are inspired by the local context and the intention of improving people’s life. The latter is quite a challenging and visionary task which however leads to a step-by-step evolution. Our history is in fact built on tangible achievements and includes the launch of products always responding to a contextual market demand. Fast-paced technology vs slow-paced environment. We have taken the lead in moving forward, challenged by a ceaseless technology evolution and always taking a step ahead.That’s why we have been at the forefront of driving the change inthe EPOS market both in the hardware and software .

We made sure that our cash registers would evolve with the market needs and become fully digital systems providing several benefits such as:

-maximising the efficiency of fiscal review

– freeing up shelf space

– having digital stats from which to derive financial reports and trend reviews.

On top of all these benefits, our product offering didn’t just offer convenience to our customers, but a genuine source of competitive advantage for them.

We managed to be six months ahead of the game, and were able to launch NUCLEO and make a genuine difference to the way fiscal reporting was undertaken in Italy. That was all the way back in 2002, and whilst market trends have changed, RCH’s commitment to driving innovation in pursuit of competitive, professional, innovative and attractive EPOS solutions hasn’t changed at all. As a result, we developed PC-based solutions in 2006 – 30% cheaper than any competitor offering, and were then one of the first to come out with a low-cost, accessible, hand-held touch screen options in 2009.

This internal synergy between people, departments and offices across the world (Italy, Innsbruck, Vietnam, and China) is what grants us such fantastic external product synergy across so many international markets; creating high quality dynamic solutions that are the product of truly listening to the people both within and outside of our office walls.

Our smart solutions were inspired by an internal evolution and eventually allowed us to become a recognised manufacturer of unique smart solutions at an international level. One of the reasons that we’ve become so strong in developing innovative market solutions that genuinely make a difference is the way we work as a team. We’d like to say it’s because of our Italian roots – open, embracive, communicative – but in reality we’re such an international firm now that our internal dynamic isn’t something particular to one culture – it’s a product of people working together, day-in, day-out, and being invested in what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

New players to the game don’t necessarily carry this combined level of expertise. It is this unique position that has ensured that RCH has made it into the Smart Cash Registers Market Trend Analysis Report – which predicts that RCH will continue to bring products to the market that drive innovation and change the nature of the EPOS game for many years to come.

Whilst we’re happy to have been recognised in this report, we’re perhaps more happy that we see the benefit of our work in our daily lives. As we wander out from our Treviso offices every day – heading off for a leisurely Italian lunch-break – we see that now even the tiniest family restaurants (think chequered table cloths, pottery wine jugs and heaped plates of seafood pasta) have found themselves able to conveniently and cheaply get up to speed with the 21st century.

We’re proud and honoured to be a part of the report, but prouder to see the difference we can make, from the smallest family business to full scale international operations. At every turn we have been able to combine the tradition of our knowledge with our inherent drive for innovation, and use these combined elements to bring solutions to the market that focus on making the lives of our customers easier; making their financial activities cheaper, more convenient, easier to undertake and more commercially advantageous.

In this way we see ourselves in Treviso and Treviso in us – a combination of traditional understanding and modern progression, of beauty and simplicity, of a place that is shaped by its influences, but also shapes those who inhabit it.