RCH Group

RCH Group is the parent company of several international companies that are active in the research, development and marketing of advanced point-of-sale solutions.

RCH Group

The most advanced technologies, the ease of use and the elegance of the materials used allow RCH Group to design and market innovative and design solutions, making each point of sale one-of-a-kind. The company stands out for:

INNOVATION: we invest in technology and research to create the solutions of the future

CUSTOMISATION: we help shopkeepers run their business thanks to customised solutions

DESIGN: we offer solutions with aesthetics that stand out and furnish the point of sale

You can count on a wide range of customisable, intuitive and reliable products, which will make it easier to manage your customers quicker and more accurately, with obvious advantages in terms of business and reputation.


RCH Group’s international headquarters are in Silea, in the province of Treviso. A Venetian villa of historical importance, symbol of the ancient Venetian Republic, the ideal place to accommodate the legacy of a culture of experts and brave travellers and explorers. An environment where, day after day, the over 100 employees can assert the identity of the group for the sake of research and innovation.

The main headquarters also feature the administrative, commercial and marketing offices, the R&D area and the technical department dedicated to after-sales service and to creating the Italian sales network of the brands RCH and MCT. The logistics and repair and testing areas are located nearby, in the industrial area of Silea.

The European branch is based in Germany, in the town of Saarbrücken. An operational centre that markets and provides after-sales service for RCH points of sale in the European market.

RCH Group’s current production site is located in Vietnam, in the industrial area of Long Hậu. The plant produces high-tech electronic components for the Group’s advanced systems.


The company designs and manufactures its own solutions, thus guaranteeing shopkeepers high-quality systems that are perfectly integrated in terms of hardware and software.

Currently, the development lines that the R&D Division is pursuing are focused on two aspects: ensuring the connectivity of telematic cash registers and developing value-added vertical services to increase business opportunities.

In fact, our latest generation telematic cash registers allow shopkeepers to use useful applications which help them manage their point of sale optimally, produce reports and implement innovative marketing and sales services.

The companies of the group

RCH Group spa is the parent company of several international companies which aim to provide advanced points of sale. The solutions are designed and developed in a holistic and flexible way, with systems that integrate hardware, software and digital services. Each point of sale represents a real HUB that allows you to run your business in a smart and technological way.

RCH S.p.A.

RCH S.p.A., with the brands RCH and MCT, has been a reference point in the sector of advanced point-of-sale management solutions for over 50 years.

It has introduced many innovations over the years to adapt to an increasingly digital market, such as integrated Android systems, Cloud services and Web Apps. RCH and MCT products meet all the modern needs of commercial businesses with an ecosystem of solutions dedicated to different types of markets.

A complete range of hardware, software and digital service solutions for multiple segments of the Italian market, amongst which catering, retail, hospitality, beauty and wellness and automotive service.

The company is strongly oriented towards Research & Development. It invests around 10% of its turnover in innovation to increase the connectivity of its solutions and release advanced services that make it easier to manage stores and increase the competitiveness of the market segments in which it operates


RCH Germany is the European branch of the Group. The increased demand for RCH’s advanced solutions, their growing recognition in the market, as well as the need to centralise operations to manage distribution and after-sales technical support, led the company to choose Germany as its operational and strategic headquarters.

The Saarbrücken site deals mainly with the sales and service activities for installed products all over Europe. For the French and German markets, the company offers a wide range of smart solutions in line with current tax regulations. It also operates successfully in the rest of Europe, offering advanced points of sale that allow shopkeepers to manage taxation and, at the same time, implement their business.


RCH Vietnam was created to meet the Group companies’ need for greater production capacity. The growing number of international customers led to the need for increased production, which is carried out in the Vietnamese plant of Long Hậu by highly specialised technicians.


Embedia srl, part of the RCH group since 2015, is a company based in Treviso that mainly develops software and Android applications. The company provides technological advice and designs and creates advanced solutions based on Android systems which allow for real-time data processing and device control.

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