RCH joins in the ELITE program

RCH joins in Elite, a unique platform of integrated services on the Italian Stock-Exchange, that helps enterprises achieve their growth targets offering the industrial, financial and organisational skills they need to address the challenges of international markets

The Manager, Stefano De Pra, gives this reason to entering the program:

"In a changing world, with markets more and more competitive, I think Elite represents both an incentive and a place where one can practise growth and face the challenges that globalisation puts on our way every day”

RCH has in its DNA the desire to grow and be recognised: since 1969, year in which was founded, it addresses the market needs with solutions that are always technologically innovative, of the highest quality, and with well-finished design.

Having been admitted in Elite rewards our values and past work, and at the same time gives us an incentive to continuous improvement, in order to always be the leading character in the competition.