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News and Highlights

Data4 at Kiosk Summit 201827 August 2018

DATA4, manufacturer of innovative self-service and automatic systems for the payment of goods and services…

RCH at FAFGA 201823 July 2018

Following a very successful show in 2017, RCH Group is returning to FAFGA for a second year to fortify…

NEW! T5H Professional02 March 2018

T5H features a sturdy construction and high-quality materials to protect against accidental bumps and…

Our Interlocutors

Here you ca find the areas of application of our cash registers

Point of Sale Solutions

RCH designs, produces and sells fiscal printers, fiscal and non fiscal cash registers, POS, hardware and software: all turnkey solutions for the overall management of a store.

Cash Registers

RCH Cash Registers are elegant and technologically advanced solutions to furnish a Point of Sale.


The RCH fiscal printers are designed according to the standards of reliability, performance and design.

Systems and POS

RCH Systems provide a secure and efficient management of the point of sale.


The RCH fiscal printers are designed according to the standards of reliability, performance and design.

Software Solutions

RCH Software solutions represent the core of the products. They are conceived to accurately manage the point of sale.


Accessories are a completion for Cash Registers and Systems.

Become a RCH dealer! If you are an IT dealer or a Software House and you are interested in becoming our dealer, please fill in the following form and you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

RCH in the world RCH operates internationally through a network of Dealers and Technical Assistance Centres that not only guarantee sales, but also “on-site” technical support for all of its products.

Latest News

The benefits of industry-leading trainings for retail

The benefits of industry-leading trainings for retail

We believe that the incredible demand for our training courses – and the positive response to our training video – demonstrate how important it is for technology companies to see themselves as part of a holistic ‘community’ process,

The evolution of the POS

The evolution of the POSThe evolution of the POS market and RCH Group’s leading role

We’ve come a long way since the first cash register was invented by James Ritty in 1879. No longer just a simple cash register, the Point of Sale today is powered by highly intelligent software systems

Data4 contributes to the growing Kiosk market

Data4 contributes to the growing Kiosk market

Interactive kiosks are not new but the technology that powers them is constantly evolving making them more powerful and personalised as the years go by. Did you know that the first self-service, interactive kiosk was developed in 1977 at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign? You might also be interested in learning that the first successful network of interactive kiosks used for commercial purposes was a project developed in 1985. That’s some time ago!


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Customer Testimonails

We have been chosen by LLG, LEADING LUXURY GROUP: leader in the cosmetics market, setting the most important benchmark for others in the luxury cosmetics industry, synonymous with excellence, elegance and quality.

The Group is made up of Limoni, the leading franchise in Italy with a market share of 380 stores, to which La Gardenia adds a further 168 and the Beauty Point brand an additional 27.

For a long time LLG has been improving the concept of simply selling products by also simultaneously offering services; LLG sees RCH as more than just a supplier, we are a strategic partner who will help bring forward its service plans that revolve around the core of sales, product aesthetic, and quality.

Customer Testimonails

Il piacere di condividere valori, il saper essere contemporanei, ma immersi nella storia” è lo slogan di apertura del sito . 80 negozi distribuiti in tutto il territorio nazionale e una gran voglia di crescere nel settore della camiceria. Innovazione, qualità servizio: sono questi i valori fondamentali della filosofia Belmonte, forte della sua storia e della tradizione tutta italiana. In RCH vede un’azienda italiana con i suoi stessi valori, un service sicuro a cui affidare i propri conti!

BELMONTE | Camicerie Montegrappa
Customer Testimonails

La Globo è un'azienda che crede nell'impegno e nel lavoro ed è per questo motivo che la sua espansione è costante e progressiva in tutta Italia, con 70 punti vendita in tutto il territorio nazionale”. Cosmo S.p.A. ha scelto RCH come soluzione per i suoi punti cassa.



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